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New PS5 Model Just Dropped – The Worst Play Station or The Best? Will it Solve the Console’s Biggest Problem?

Sony just dropped the PS5 model is it the worst Play Station or the best? Will it solve the console’s biggest problem? Let’s find out. A lighter PS5 revision has just launched in Australia, shaving precious grams off of Sony’s weighty flagship console.

The PS5 is a renownedly heavy piece of hardware, but these most recent updates have reduced some of the weight. The updated PS5 console weighs 3.9 kg, which is 300 g less than the updated console from 2021. The PS5 Digital Edition weighs 3.4 kg, which is 200 g less than the previous digital update.

Sony has reduced the weight of its beast of a box after two hardware upgrades in as many years. If you own the PS5 launch model, your console is lighter at 4.5kg. At 3.9kg, the original PS5 Digital Edition wasn’t much lighter. Each model has lost at least half a kilogram in weight, which is quite a bit.

But why does the PS5 get lighter with each update? The improvements for 2021 included a smaller heatsink to somewhat reduce the weight of the console. The compromise was that the console became slightly hotter as a result, which led some people to wonder whether the upgrade was less beneficial than before.

This might also be the case, in our opinion, with the most recent revision. But in order to reduce the burden on the heatsink, other internal parts might also be modified.

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New PS5, same old problems?

Sony's Play Station 5 controller

How long it will take for this most recent PS5 update to roll out globally is currently unclear. We believe that it won’t end the console’s infamous shortage, though, since it is now only available in Australia.

Although it’s possible that using lighter or less expensive components could enable Sony to produce more units, it’s unlikely that the difference will be very noticeable. And there are several explanations for that.

The global shortage of semiconductors is still present and is expected to continue through 2023. Additionally, the fact that supply systems are currently in a state of disruption as a result of both that and the Covid-19 pandemic’s effects doesn’t help.

The one major plus in all of this is Sony’s announcement that it will increase PS5 production for the holiday season. And this most recent console update might be a part of that strategy.

However, this does not mean that the PS5’s availability problems have been resolved. It doesn’t help that Sony increased the PS5’s pricing in regions where there is an acute cost of living problem. Therefore, even if the PS5’s availability is positively correlated with this lighter upgrade, the console’s increased price has undoubtedly made it unaffordable for a significant number of consumers.

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