Car Mechanic Racing v1.1.13 MOD APK (Free Purchase)

Car Mechanic Racing v1.1.13 MOD APK: Assume the role of a car technician who is opening their very own auto business for the very first time. The game includes a day and night cycle, which not only introduces a specific rhythm but also requires you to organize your work in accordance with that pattern. You can improve your talents if you continue to take commands that are progressively more difficult. As a result of the development, you now have access to a greater variety of extra opportunities. You can amass a collection of cars, customize their performance, and compete in a variety of difficult racing tasks.

Car Mechanic Racing is a simulation game that combines the best racing on Android currently, it has just launched and is highly appreciated for the rich content it brings. With hundreds of the latest car models in the world, you can explore every part of your car, then customize everything you can, like a real mechanic. Then use your favorite car to participate in the tournaments available in the game and try to win. The bonus will be used to upgrade your car or even add new supercars to your collection.

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  • Participate in racing challenges held on a variety of tracks, compete against other players for first place on the race leaderboards, grow your car collection, and trade your vehicles by accepting car repair orders, tuning up your own vehicles, participating in racing challenges held on those tracks, and so on.
  • Unlock over 25 unique talents. Some improve the efficiency of the repair process, others raise the player’s earnings, and others unlock entirely new gameplay possibilities. The sequence in which you unlock them is completely up to you.
  • 42 unique cars: vintage, utility vehicles, muscle cars, sports cars, JDM cars.
  • 1100 vehicle parts. These will make it possible for you to finish constructing: Chassis sets complete with engines and several types of drives (FWD, RWD, and AWD) (R4, R6, 3 Rotor, 4 Rotor, Boxer, V8).
  • Paint jobs, rims, spoilers, and wings should all be replaced on the vehicle.
  • Gain ground in a variety of different racing tasks, and engage in head-to-head competition with other players in order to move up the scoreboard.
  • Your primary concerns should be developing your car collection and engaging in the car trade.
  • Develop your talents in repairs and you’ll gain access to advanced tuning (including engine swaps).
  • Boost the income of the workshop, increase the pace at which orders are completed, and compete for a spot on the leaderboard of racing events.

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