Did aliens come to Earth 3,500 years ago? A huge UFO encounter was written about in ancient Egyptian papyrus.

There is no way to know for sure when the first UFO was seen on Earth. There may be flying objects and people from outer space in many old wall paintings. Egypt is seen as the most mysterious place in history because of its huge pyramids, origins, culture, and old texts. People think that the so-called “Tulli Papyrus” is the first proof that flying saucers or UFOs existed in the past. This mysterious text is the first written account of a huge UFO sighting that happened in Ancient Egypt around 1480 BC. The old text talks about a fast-flying machine that lit up the sky over Egypt before going into space.

Egypt was at its most powerful during the 18th dynasty. Egypt was reborn with the start of the New Kingdom, which gave the government an advanced way to choose new officials. The four pharaohs named Thutmose gave the new dynasty another name: the Thutmosid Dynasty. The Tulli Papyrus told about the large UFO sightings that happened during the reign of Thutmosis III. Thutmosis III had seen the event himself and told his scribes to write about it on papyrus.

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Even though the text is hundreds of years old, it became a big deal for the first time in the 1930s. In 1933, Alberto Tulli, who was in charge of the Egyptian section of the Vatican Museum, was walking through Cairo’s bazaar. He is said to have seen a piece of papyrus from 1480 BC in an antique shop. He couldn’t afford the artifact, so he made a copy of it and changed the original hieratic script to hieroglyphs.

Egyptian hieroglyphs

Skeptics were able to question the authenticity of Tulli’s copy of an ancient papyrus, but it still went viral among fans of ancient astronaut theories and UFOlogists. Prince Boris de Rachewiltz, an Italian nobleman, and anthropologist R. Cedric Leonard both translated the text.

The first person to say that the papyrus was a part of the Annals of Thutmose III was Rachewiltz. Here’s how he translated it:

“In the year 22, in the third month of winter, at six o’clock in the afternoon, the scribes of the House of Life saw in the sky a “circle of fire.” It was headless. It had a bad smell coming from its mouth. It had a body that was one rod long and one rod wide. It couldn’t talk. It moved towards the house of His Majesty. It made them feel confused, and they fell down on their bellies. They told the king what had happened. His Majesty told people to look at the scrolls in the House of Life. His Majesty thought about everything that was going on at the time.

The papyrus also gave details about how the UFO was built and how it had a big effect on the area. According to the translation, the object was shining brighter than the Sun. The event took place in the early evening, and the king and his army were there to see it. The name for the thing was “circle of fire.”

A man standing inside an Egyptian pyramid

“As a result, they (the fire circles) went up and to the south. From the sky, fish and volatiles fell. It was a miracle that had never happened in this Land since it was first built. Caused incense to be brought to His Majesty to calm the fire. This is written in the book of the House of Life and will be remembered for all time.

There are a lot of arguments about the Tulli Papyrus that show that people don’t really believe what they say. But if this amazing sky event really happened, ancient Egyptian astronomers would never have confused a meteor or shooting star for a “circle of fire.”

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Later in the 1950s, Rachewiltz said that he had found the tone version of papyrus in the files that Alberto Tulli had left behind. This version had not been translated or published. The text says that “fiery discs” or “circles of fire” caused doubts, but it seems unlikely that the ancient Egyptians would have gotten them wrong.

Egyptian Sarcophagi

In 1968, the U.S. Air Force paid for a project called the “Condon Committee” that looked into UFOs. Samuel Rosenberg and Edward Condon looked into the Tulli Papyrus while they were making the Condon report. When they asked the Vatican for the original document, they were told, “The Papyrus Tulli is not in the Vatican Museum’s possession.” It has vanished and can no longer be found.”

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After doing more research, it was found that Alberto Tully gave all of his property to his brother, who was a priest at the Lateran Palace. There is a good chance that the Papyrus also went to the priest. Unfortunately, the priest died soon after, and his family got his things. His family might not have thought the Tully papyrus was worth much.

Since there is no original papyrus, which might be lost or hidden, it would be wrong to draw any conclusions. The Tulli Papyrus is not an original papyrus; it is a translation of the modern transcription of an alleged Egyptian document.

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