Golf Battle v2.1.6 MOD APK (Automatically hit the hole)

Golf Battle uses elements and familiar content from golf matches to develop gameplay and keep players entertained with friends. It also features a community of golf fans, where people come together to entertain or design complex levels to unlock new possibilities in golf. Besides, elements such as graphics, gameplay, system, and more are all friendly and casual for players to enjoy everything to the fullest.

Golf Battle


Most golf-related activities are turn-based, but Golf Battle makes things more complicated and exciting through its real-time mechanics. Moreover, it has many separate game modes to diversify everyone’s experience, helping to enhance relaxation in each gentle and funny golf game. The game also applies more interesting mechanics or content to bring to life every golf course, making everything more vivid and fluid.

In each course, there will be many players participating, and each person must complete the course with the least hit possible for more points. The victory of each person is determined through a scoring system that is accumulated through each game, which at the same time makes everything more complicated and thrilling. Best of all, each golf game is played in real-time or turn-based, so everyone can comfortably complete each course together in delightful manners.

Golf Battle


The game modes are also developed creatively and delicately for players to have more exciting discoveries for digital golf. It doesn’t have any limits or hints during the trip, instead of forcing the player to navigate with available hints or instructions. Depending on the type of game mode selected, the pacing, map, etc., will change for everyone to enjoy a variety of distinct, lively atmospheres.

The golf courses are designed in a sophisticated, innovative way and go beyond common sense to bring everyone exciting discoveries. Instead of calculating or measuring distances by eye and then executing complex shots on flat maps, players aim and swing the golf ball in a specific direction. Everything depends on the ball’s perception and ability to measure the impact angle, thereby shortening the victory through skills.

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Golf Battle


If players want to win every golf course, they’ll need separate clubs to play different types of shots. Depending on the clubhead, the ball’s distance, power, and more will change significantly, helping them control or move in the course more conveniently and agile. The clubhead system in Golf Battle is abundant and diverse in many different designs, whether from the West to the East.

Besides changing the types of club heads, the game also introduces more customizations about the types of balls to make each course more fun. The best thing is that the balls can put on beautiful hats, giving them many unique and outstanding effects when there is direct interaction. Moreover, players can unlock new hats based on daily rewards from the shop, giving them more conditions to personalize everything to their style.

Golf Battle


Custom maps are considered one of the great content that Golf Battle boasts when it has many new things for players to design or create. The design of custom maps is entirely random and does not need to follow any rules, so players can freely create complex roads instead of flat. It also emphasizes the 3D environment element, so the player must utilize each function or ability of the environment effectively.

Players can download or explore custom maps made by others in the community while creating a buzz. Everyone can interact through the built-in content in the community, including challenges in 1v1 or group games, whether official or custom maps. Besides, players can flexibly play with friends in an offline environment thanks to its LAN connections.

Golf Battle


The most outstanding feature of the game is its realistic and life-rich physics system in every detail. Those things make each player’s actions smoother and more streamlined and let them make the most of the terrain or environment to execute the perfect shots. Thanks to the awesomeness of that physical system, people can create problems or sabotage the orbits of their opponents for pure chaotic entertainment.

Golf Battle is completely focused on its golf gameplay’s innovative and groundbreaking elements, providing everyone with lots of content and excitement with friends. It also introduces more activities or exciting playgrounds with great custom maps for everyone to have a great time together, despite creating fierce and conflicting environments when messing with each other.

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  • Creative golf gameplay with multiple players in real-time.
  • Intense yet satisfying golf competition, whether in normal or ranked games.
  • Various lovely hats and club heads to decorate for the balls or the club.
  • Expansive golf courses with innovative designs and development.
  • A realistic environment with interactive features for immersive gameplay.

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