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Pehredaar Season 4 (PrimePlay), Name of Actress, Release Date, and More

Drama, romance, and fantasy web series on the PrimePlay app Pehredaar Season 4 is coming out soon. If you’ve seen this web series and want to know more about the cast, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the cast, the story, and the release date of Pehredaar Season 4.

Pehredaar Season 4 Cast

  • Shyna Khatri
  • Rani Pari 

Pehredaar Season 4 Storylines

At this point, we don’t know what the show’s story is, but from the trailer, we know that Rani Pari and Shyna Khatri have great playing skills and great looks. There are some love scenes between a man and two girls. The previous season was so popular because it had so many beautiful moments.

Pehredaar Season 4 Release Date and Time

The latest leaks say that season 4 of Pehredaar will come out in the last week of June 2023. At this time, the official release date has not been announced. The fourth season of Pehredaar will be available on the Primeplay app at midnight, and all episodes will be available at the same time.

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People really liked the third season of this show, which is why this season is so special for everyone. We’ve seen the teaser for this show, which came out on June 4, and you can see how excited people are for Pehredaar Season 4 to come out in the comments.

The runtime of all episodes of Pehredaar 4

Episode 125 Minutes duration
Episode 125 Minutes duration
Episode 125 Minutes duration
Episode 125 Minutes duration

Watch the Trailer

At this time, there is no trailer for the show, but you can watch the current teaser on the official Primeplay YouTube channel. It has gotten more than 95K views in just a few days, and the number of likes is good. The idea for the show seems good, and people want the creators to put it out soon.

Full Details of Pehredaar 4

Total SeasonTotal 4 Seasons
Season NameSeason 4
Release DateJune 2023
Total EpisodesNot known at this time
Running Time25 Minutes / Episode
Directed byTBA
Produced byTBA

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Primeplay Pehredaar 4 Actress Photos


Q. What is Pehredaar Season 4 Web Series Cast Name?

Shyna Khatri and Rani Pari are the cast of the series.

Q. What is Pehredaar Season 4 Web Series Release Date?

The release date of Pehredaar 4 is June 2023.

Q. Where to Watch Pehredaar Season 4 Web Series?

You can watch this series on the official Primeplay App.


Today, we talked about the cast, storylines, plot, release date, director, producer, and a lot more about the Pehredaar season 4 Primeplay web series. You can ask us questions about this article in the comments section below. Also, keep in mind that all of the pictures in this post came from their owners’ social media accounts. If you are the owner and want these pictures taken down, you can contact us and we will try to do it as soon as we can.

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