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Top 10 Adult Web Series On Ullu | 18+ Ullu Web Series

Top 10 Adult Web Series On Ullu: Ullu is a streaming service that focuses on putting out web series in India. On Ullu, you can find everything from dramas, thrillers, and suspense movies to series for adults 18+. “Charmsukh,” “Halala,” and “Flames” are some of the most popular shows on Ullu.

“Charmsukh” is a series that looks at sensitive and taboo topics. It looks at the darker sides of love and lust, among other things. The show has a diverse cast and deals with a lot of different topics, like cheating, incest, and more.

“Halala” is a series that looks at the controversial Islamic marriage practice of halala, which lets a divorced woman marry her ex-husband again. The show looks at how the practice affects the characters’ feelings and thoughts.

“Flames” is a series that shows what college students do and how they get along with each other. It looks at how love, friendship, and heartbreak are all complicated. The show also talks about peer pressure and the pressure to fit in with society’s rules.

Overall, Ullu is known for its bold and controversial content, which often deals with taboo topics and sensitive issues. The cast usually gives strong performances, and the show deals with topics that are important and easy to understand.

Here is the List of the Best Adult Ullu Web Series that you can Watch

1. Lady Finger (2021)

Top 10 Adult Web Series On Ullu | 18+ Ullu Web Series

Genre: 18+, S*x, Nudity

Cast: Ayushi Jaiwal

The plot Fans love the show because it has a unique kind of suspense. Ayushi Jaiwal has also done a lot more than was expected in this web series. Even if you don’t change the plot, this show is still fun to watch.

More adult and erotic web series come out every month on Ullu TV, and people respond very well to them.

2. Walkman (2022)

Adult Ullu Web Series

Genre: Drama, Crime

Cast: Ridhima Tiwari

The plot of this series is about a woman who is crazy about her Walkman and uses it to live out her wildest dreams. This story happens in the country.

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A man also does his best to make his wife happy, but the wife has a great fantasy and wants to be happy, so she starts dating other men in her area. Also, this show shows actress Ridhima Tiwari listening to music on her own with a Walkman.

3. Shahad (2022)

Top 10 Adult Web Series On Ullu | 18+ Ullu Web Series

Genre: Adult, Drama

Cast: Priya Gamre, Prashant Rai, Varun Sagar, Manju Agarwal

The plot of this web show is that a couple gets married. According to the trailer, there are two brothers. The older brother gets married, but the younger brother is still single and falls in love with his sister-in-law.

She also hurts him in the private area and puts honey on it at the same time. This story isn’t like most series, and we have to wait until the book comes out to find out what happens next.

4. Melting Cheese (2019)

Top 10 Adult Web Series On Ullu | 18+ Ullu Web Series

Genre: Crime, Adult, Drama

Cast: Sachin Verma, Shikha Chhabra

The plot is that Melting Cheese is a very interesting and exciting story that could be your guilty pleasure.

It’s about a woman who falls in love with her husband’s secretary, and when her husband finds out, it’s sure to be a disaster.

5. Halala (2019)

Adult Ullu Web Series

Genre: Drama

Cast: Shafaq naaz, Ravi Bhatia, Eijaz khan, Deepika Singh Goyal, Neelima Azeem

In Halala, an actress named Shafaq Naaz shows how orthodoxy can be bad in everyday life in a beautiful way.

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In the story, a husband gives his wife triple talaq out of anger, which causes trouble for the couple.

6. Mona Home Delivery (2019)

Top 10 18+ Ullu Web Series

Genre: Drama

Cast: Usha Bachani

The plot of this show, whose main character is played by Usha Bachani, was partly based on the classic play Romeo and Juliet.

The show is about a girl and a boy who fall in love, but their families are in a huge fight that hasn’t ended yet.

7. Charamsukh (2019)

Adult Ullu Web Series

Genre: Short

Cast: Sneha Paul, Dakshita Kumar, Eshan Tiwari, Jyostna Trivedi, Meenu Sharma

The story: If you like sensual TV, you should watch Charamsukh. Every episode of a drama has a new twist that will keep you interested.

In each of its 13 episodes, Charamsukh tells a different story about love, lust, and getting close.

8. Size Matters (2019)

Top 10 18+ Ullu Web Series

Genre: Drama

Cast: Anmo, Karan Singh, Ravi Bhatia, Shikha Sinha

In its two seasons, Size Matters tells many different stories about love, lust, and betrayal. The main character is a man who wants to marry a woman but falls in love with someone else in the first season. In the second season, the main character is two sisters who betray each other.

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9. Virgin Boys (2020)

Adult Ullu Web Series

Genre: Drama

Cast: Sarika Raghwa, Marina Kuwar

The plot is as the title suggests, this is a risky web series about boys’ virginity. It’s about three boys who are still virgins but want to have s*x and lose their virginity. This is one of the best web shows on Ullu. Marina Kuwar and Sarika Raghwa are in it.

10. Singardaan (2019)

Top 10 18+ Ullu Web Series

Genre: Romance-Horror

Cast: Shraddha Das

The story is about a man who falls in love with a prostitute who brings him a magic makeup box. The Singardaan’s evil abilities trap his daughter and his wife. The romantic web series Ullu made the lead actress Shraddha Das famous.

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