Princess Diana's Car Sold For Around $764,000 At Auction

Just days before the 25th anniversary of her passing, a car used by Princess Diana in the 1980s was auctioned off for 650,000 pounds ($764,000).

Before the sale ended, the black Ford Eascort RS Turbo was the subject of "fierce bidding," according to Silverstone Auctions.

According to the historic car auction house, the unnamed U.K. buyer added a 12.5% buyer's premium to the selling price.

Britain and Diana's followers all over the world are getting ready to honor her passing. On August 31, 1997, she was died in a high-speed car accident in Paris

Diana drove the Escort from 1985 to 1988. She preferred to drive the her own car while a member of her security team sat in the back.

Last year, Diana's another used car Ford Escort that sold at auction for 52,000 pounds ($61,100).