Top 5 Crypto Heists Ever! Biggest Blockchain Thefts of all Time

Various Ways to Crypto Heists

The Blockchain network is used to check or record every transaction in this market. Any trusted Crypto exchange can be used to buy or sell these digital currencies.


Cybercriminals utilise this strategy to steal Cryptocurrency logins. They can use login information to access personal accounts, like most systems.

Exchange Hacks

Outside Cryptocurrency exchanges exploit other weaknesses. This theft often exploits misconfiguration vulnerabilities.

Engineering Society

By doing this, the scammers can get you to believe them and get you to send a lot of Crypto to their wallets. They set up a trap, and many investors fall for these cons.


Bitcoins were stolen in January 2014. It was a popular crypto exchange in Japan. This exchange's crypto was stolen in early 2018. MT.GOX lost $416 million in Bitcoin.

The Conclusion

Cybercriminals and Crypto Heists target the market because it has value. Exchanges must have strict security and other systems to protect the platform.

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