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Why do peanuts dance in beer? Know why

A German scientist has discovered in research why peanut kernels dance in beer. This research can be beneficial in many industries.

Scientists have discovered why peanuts start dancing when they are added to beer. When peanut kernels are put in a glass of beer, they first settle at the bottom. After that, they come up to the surface and run from here to there.

Scientists have tried to know why this happens. In research published on June 14, he told that the benefit of understanding this process would be to know the boiling magma under the surface of the earth or to extract mineral salts.

From Beer to Science

Brazilian researcher Luiz Pereira said that he first got the idea for this research in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, where he had gone to learn Spanish. He says that bartenders often do this in Buenos Aires. They put peanuts in a glass of beer and the peanuts start dancing. Since peanuts are heavier than beer, they sink at first but then one by one they start coming up.

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Pereira explains that peanuts become a ‘nucleation site’. Hundreds of small bubbles of carbon dioxide are formed and they move towards the surface, due to which the air pressure decreases and the peanut kernel also comes upwards with the bubbles.

5000-year-old brewery found

“These bubbles form on the surface of the peanut kernel, rather than sitting on the surface of the glass. When they reach the surface, they burst,” explains Pereira, a researcher at Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. starts going down again but a new bubble brings it up. Thus this dance goes on until the carbon dioxide ends or someone interrupts that process by taking a sip of beer.”

Advantage of research

In this research published in the science magazine Royal Society Open Science, two important factors of this whole process have been described by naming it as the ‘beer gas peanut system’. The scientists found that the larger the angle of contact between the bubble and the surface of the peanut kernel, the more likely the bubble was to form and grow. But it cannot become very large and ideally remains under 1.3 mm in diameter.

Pereira has expressed hope that the benefit of deeply understanding this simple thing can be availed in the industry as well. He gives the example that the process of separating iron from iron ore is almost like this. Air is released into the ore mixture in a controlled manner. The iron present in the mixture starts rising as bubbles form on its surface and start rising upwards. Then the rest of the minerals start settling towards the surface.

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Because of this process, when magma in crystal form emerges from below the earth’s surface in the form of bubbles, it brings along the magnetite mineral. Like peanuts, magnetite also has a high density and should also settle down, but since its surface has a large contact angle, it comes out with bubbles.

Is beer available in Powder?

beer powder
Image Source: Matthias Rietschel/REUTERS

Would you like to brew and drink beer from powder? A German Brewery has made such a powder that you dissolve and make beer. But there is no alcohol in this beer.

Stir and make beer

Stir and make beer
Image Source: Matthias Rietschel/REUTERS

Germany’s Knoetsele Brewery has made alcohol-free beer powder. Dissolve two spoons of powder in water and the beer is ready.

First beer powder of its kind

First beer powder of its kind
Image Source: Matthias Rietschel/REUTERS

Brewery general manager Stefan Fritsche says that this is the first beer powder of its kind. Beer has never been made like this before.

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Environmental benefits

environmental benefits
Image Source: Matthias Rietschel/REUTERS

The purpose of this powder is to reduce carbon emissions in exports. The carbon emissions of exporting bottled beer are much higher.

Reduction in carbon emissions

reduction in carbon emissions
Image Source: Matthias Rietschel/REUTERS

According to Fritsche, carbon emissions can be reduced by three to five percent only in Germany with this powder.

Three types of beer

Three types of beer
Image Source: Matthias Rietschel/REUTERS

Lager, Pilsner, and Dark beer, that is, three types of beer can be made from beer powder. Its sales will start by the end of the year.

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Make beer anywhere

make beer anywhere
Image Source: Matthias Rietschel/REUTERS

Beer can be prepared in the bar by buying this powder and then it can be sold by putting it in a glass or bottle.

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