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A man who spent almost $23,000 on a realistic wolf costume so he can become a wolf and live out his dream

A man who didn’t want to be named spent almost $23,000 on a wolf costume so he could live out his dream of being a meat-eating animal.

The man reportedly went to Zeppet, a special modeling company in Japan, and asked them to make him a very realistic wolf suit. He paid 3 million yen, or about $22,700, to be turned into the gray-furred dog.

“Because of my love for animals since childhood and some realistic animal suits appearing on TV, I dreamed of ‘being one someday,’” the man told Zeppet.

It took 50 days for the company to finish the costume.

Zeppet, which usually makes figures and costumes for movies and TV ads, looked at pictures of real wolves to make sure that their client’s suit had every last detail.

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“We created a wolf suit for a personal order. Modeled on timber wolf, the complete suit turned out as a visually impactful reality,” the company wrote.

Images of the client in the end product look like they were taken from real life. The man gave the Japanese company high marks for their care, skill, and service.

“At the final fitting, I was amazed at my transformed self in the mirror,” he said. “It was a moment when my dream came true. My order to ‘look like a real wolf walking on hind legs’ was difficult – to say the least – but the complete suit looked exactly like what I imagined.”

Zeppet is the same company that made a realistic dog costume for a man who spent almost $16,000 to make his dream of becoming a dog come true.

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