Astronomers find a natural diamond that is 10 billion trillion-trillion carats and is the biggest one in the world.

The biggest diamond in the sky isn’t on Earth. A white dwarf star is BPM 37093 or V886 Centauri. “Extinct” or “dead” stars are white dwarfs. V886 Centauri looks like a diamond. The center of a white dwarf star is a 10 quadrillion quadrillion quadrillion carat diamond.

V886 Centauri is in Centaurus and is 50 light-years away. It’s a bright light that pulses. Pulsations helped figure out where the star’s center was.

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Most of the star is made up of carbon and oxygen, but scientists found diamond-like carbon inside. As a white dwarf cools down and solidifies, diamonds are made. It is 4000 km wide. Scientists say that 90% of the mass of V886 Centauri has become solid. The name “Lucy” has been given to V886 Centauri after the Beatles song. Astronomers say that it is the biggest diamond in the universe and that it shows how the Solar System came to be. In five billion years, our Sun could die and turn into a white dwarf. It might turn into a V886 Centauri like a diamond.

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