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Doctor Chourasiya Rabbit Movies Web Series: Watch Full Episodes Online

The Doctor Chourasiya web series is the newest romantic comedy offering from the Rabbit Movies app. After the tremendously popular run of the Baali Umar series, Rabbit Movies released the first trailer for the next Doctor Chourasiya series. SSK is in charge of the direction, and Satvir Bairagi is the writer of the script. In addition to other actors, it has Jim Malviya, Zaid Ahmad, Vinod Tripathi, and Reena Tomar as part of its ensemble cast. Khaat Kabbadi is the one who will present it. You may catch up on the Doctor Chourasiya Web Series on Rabbit Movies, which is scheduled to premiere on December 23, 2022.


The tale of the series centers around a couple who has a witty plan, that makes their personal doctor fall into the trap.


  • Jim Malviya
  • Zaid Ahmad
  • Vinod Tripathi
  • Reena Tomar
  • Taksh Narang
  • Ishika Bose
  • Himanshi Singh
  • Suhana Khan
  • Gaurav Singh
  • Natasha
  • Rit Pandey

How to Watch Doctor Chourasiya Web Series Online

To Watch the Doctor Chourasiya web series online, follow the simple steps below

  • Download the Rabbit Movies app on your phone or visit rabbitmovies.app website
  • Log in with your Rabbit app account, if not sign up using your phone number
  • Now, click the Doctor Chourasiya series poster to watch all episodes online
  • The platform allows subscribers to download Doctor Chourasiya web series episodes for offline viewing.

Note: Rabbit Movies app is a paid streaming service, its price starts from Rs. 79 for 30 days.

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Watch the Trailer

Doctor Chourasiya Web Series Full Details

TitleDoctor Chourasiya
SeasonSeason 1
CastThe cast of Doctor Chourasia is Jim Malviya, Zaid Ahmad, Vinod Tripathi, and Reena Tomar among others.
Genre18+, Nudity, Drama
TypeWeb Series
Release Date23 December 2022
Online Video PlatformRabbit Movies

Doctor Chourasiya Web Series Images

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Q. Doctor Chourasiya Web Series Cast?

The cast of Doctor Chourasia is Jim Malviya, Zaid Ahmad, Vinod Tripathi, and Reena Tomar among others.

Q. How to Watch Online Doctor Chourasiya Web Series?

Download Rabbit Movies App from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store and enjoy binge-watching all the web series.

Q. Doctor Chourasiya Web Series Release Date?

23 December 2022

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