10 Beautiful Yet Easy Mehndi Designs for Any Occasion or Festival 2023: Design of Simple Front Hand Mehndi and Back Hand Mehndi Patterns with Images

One of the most popular forms of art among Asians is mehndi. It’s no longer necessary to be an expert mehndi artist to decorate your hands and feet with a lovely and simple mehndi design. Many people believed that they had to take lessons or attend an institute to learn the mehndi form of art but not anymore.

There are many beautiful yet simple mehndi design that anyone may learn and create on their own. All you need to do is practice and familiarise yourself with the basics of this beautiful artwork. It is a tradition in India to apply mehndi on a happy occasion, festival, celebration, or marriage. The application of mehndi design is one of the most exciting things for women in India.

History of Mehndi

A bride legs on yellow flower and Mehndi Design on her both legs

Mehndi and Asian functions can’t happen without Mehndi design. Asian women love decorating their hands with Mehndi. But Mehndi or Henna is essentially a powder made from the Henna plant’s leaves after they have been crushed. About 9,000 years ago, the Pharaohs of Egypt used this plant for the first time.

Henna is believed to have been used by Cleopatra (the final queen to rule the ancient Egyptian civilization) to decorate her body and enhance her beauty. Before the burial, Egyptians also applied Henna to paint the mummies’ nails. The name ‘Mehendi’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Mendhikā (मेन्धिका)’. The application of henna is also found in Vedic Hindu ritual books.

Easy Mehendi Design of 2022

The marriage season is about to come in India and everyone from children to young love applying for Mehndi. The Ganesh Chaturthi is around the corner and this Mehndi post will help those who have just started learning the art of Mehndi Design. The Henna design on the hands and feet of a woman enhances their beauty a thousand times more.

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The process of applying to Mehndi is very simple and easy. You have to draw Mehndi Design on the palm or back of your hands or feet (some women prefer to draw designs on their feet also) and wait for about 2 hours. Many brides and married women prefer to keep it overnight for deeper color.

The Mehndi will eventually dry out and start falling off your hands. Don’t wash right away the Mehndi instead remove it gently with your hands leaving a Reddish-Orange design on your palm.

Simple Tips for Learning Mehndi Patterns

If you’re starting to learn the art of Mehndi, it is important for you to take it easy and go step by step.

You just have to understand that you can not learn this a night. This is a slow process but in the end, it would be worth learning. You have to practice on paper and learn how to hold a cone with your hand. Try to keep calm your hands and practice more. Here is the most asked question “How to apply Mehndi on hands”

Simple & Trendy Mehndi Design Ideas For Full Front Hand

Spice up your wedding look with lovely mehndi designs! Our simple, yet stylish designs will make you stand out in a crowd. Learn how to create traditional patterns in gorgeous full-front-hand styling!

Here are a few steps to master the art of drawing simple, beautiful, and easy Mehndi Design

  1. Practice on paper with a pen and draw quite a lot of Arabic Mehndi Patterns and Simple Mehndi designs that include Peacocks, Stars, and Flowers, and try to write your own name.
  2. Keep patience and give time to learn the correct way to hold the mehndi cone in your hand and try to calm your hand as it is the most important part.
  3. Initially don’t draw hard and difficult mehndi patterns because it will give you stress and demotivate you but don’t give up, keep practicing.
  4. Start to draw simple yet beautiful henna patterns. It will boost your confidence to the next level.
  5. A simple design can be beautiful, you just have to give your best and be creative.
  6. Remember practice makes a person perfect so keep practicing until you feel confident.

10 Gorgeous yet Simple and Easy Mehndi Pattern Design Images

1. Easy Half Flower Design on Wrist

Half Flower Design on Wrist of a women

2. Very Simple Circlular Flower Design

Small circular design with Henna on palm

3. Simple Star Mehndi Pattern on Feet

Star pattern on a feet of a women

4. Simple Full Flower Pattern on Wrist

Full flower heena design on wrist of a women

5. Floral Tikki Henna Design

Rangloli Mehndi design on palm of a women

6. Easy Mehndi Design For Front Hand

Spiral flower pattern mehndi design on a women hand

7. Easy Mehndi Design For Back Hand

Mehndi flower pattern on woman back hand

8. Latest Easy Jewelry Pattern

Mehndi jeweler pattern on behind hand

9. Mehndi Pattern for Ladies Sangeet

A Indian women showing her both hands with mehndi pattern on it

10. Traditional Mehndi Design

Traditional mendi pattern on a women's hand

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