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The New Google Meet Update Can Save Your Career

A recent Google Meet update could put a permanent end to awkward situations that could happen during video calls.

Now, users of the video conferencing service may easily mute themselves during a conference by pressing and holding the spacebar button. Users only need to release the button to unmute.

In a blog post about a Google Workspace update, the company stated, “We hope this makes it even easier for you to participate in your meetings by quickly unmuting to say something,” adding that it might also be useful in cases where users forget to mute themselves again after unmuting themselves in a group call.

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On September 9, Google Workspace customers and users with personal Google Accounts on all web browsers will be able to use the functionality, which is disabled by default but may be activated in the Google Meet settings menu.

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Zoom already has a similar feature that enables users to mute and unmute speakers with a single touch of the spacebar. The second major competitor, Microsoft Teams, requires users to hit two keys (Ctrl+Spacebar) in order to unmute.

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The change comes as the business continues to combine Meet and Google Duo into a single video calling service.

Additionally, it comes soon after the platform gained enhanced support for USB accessories, allowing users to choose between muted and unmuted modes while utilizing speaker microphones, headsets, and other USB devices.

Thankfully, a recent upgrade to Google Workspace will also change how its smart assistant responds when users are on a video conference call, especially if someone says “Hey Google” (opens in a new tab).

As a result of the change, Google Assistant will no longer be active while a device is in a meeting and will only be active for 10 minutes prior to a scheduled meeting.

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