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New Gen Modded Nintendo Switch Controller Can Be A Game Changer For Accessibility

A one-handed Nintendo Switch controller was developed by a modder, opening up the console’s games to a larger audience.

At first appearance, the custom Nintendo Switch controller made by hardware modder Akaki Kuumeri seems out of the ordinary. In actuality, it will make it considerably easier for players with practical disabilities to access the console’s games.

Similar to the plastic charging handle that comes with every console, the modified pad works with the Joy-Con controllers that are plugged into each side of the Nintendo Switch. The difference is you only need one Joy-Con, and as seen in the video below, a number of switches in the pad’s middle are utilized to access the d-pad or face buttons depending on which hand is your dominant one.

The one-handed Joy-Con controller costs $200 (about £175/AU$288) and can be purchased from Akaki Kuumeri’s Etsy store. The modder has a good track record as well, with 200 reviews from previously modified adapters for the DualSense and Xbox Wireless Controller giving a rating that is almost perfect.

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Accessibility is the name of the game

Nintendo Switch Controller on a desk

Upon closer inspection, Kuumeri’s modified pad appears to have the potential to benefit disabled players who might only have limited use of one hand. Thus, people could be able to play the top Nintendo Switch games that they might not otherwise have easy access to.

Even while the pricing seems a little excessive, keep in mind that Kuumeri is a tiny business compared to giants like Nintendo or Microsoft. The Xbox Adaptive Controller and other similar pads have come under fire for being more costly than conventional gadgets. But since we’re dealing with bigger businesses, they may benefit from developing less expensive accessibility-conscious controls.

Although it’s hard to say for sure, Kuumeri’s invention may be related to a design Nintendo previously explored for their top console. Reggie Fils-Aimé, a former president of Nintendo of America, said that the business had previously been working on a proprietary controller with an accessibility focus. But it’s unclear how far the device’s development has come since Fils-Aimé left.

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