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House of the Dragon (2024) Season 2! What to Expect in Season 2 of House of the Dragon

House of the Dragon has become the most-watched Premiere in HBO history. The first episode was watched by almost 10 million viewers per drop night. Outside the U.S Series has become even more popular than Game of Thrones itself. The final episode gave the audience a lot of emotions throwing bait for a dynamic continuation.

The second season has already been officially announced. Now let’s figure out what to expect from the next House of the Dragon episodes.

Start of the War

House of the Dragon (2024) Season 2! What to Expect in Season 2 of House of the Dragon

Who are blood and cheese? Why is Harrenhal so important and what will happen to King Aegon in the House of the Dragon? The death of Lucerice Valerian will be the key to starting the civil war between the Targaryen. Neither the greens nor the blacks wanted to be the first to draw blood.

However, Aemond and the guard decided to take on this burden. Now each side must take a step towards a real war. If you suddenly didn’t know then the House of the Dragon events are fully described in the Fire and Blood book by George Martin.

Unlike Game of Thrones, writer finished the finals of the Targaryen’s life. So HBO does not need to think of anything because the whole story is already over. HBO is unlikely to stop at a second season and will probably follow George Martin’s advice by doing three more. We have gathered what important book events will definitely happen in the next episodes of season 2.

Capture the Harrenhal

House of the Dragon. Capture the Harrenhal

The first major event in House of the Dragon will be the capture of Harrenhal which in the 10th episode of the first season. This is a large castle of historical significance because it was there that the great Council once took place at which J Harry’s declared Viserys as a king.

The capture of the castle will be occupied by Daemon on Carax’s Dragon Simon strong castellan of Harrenhal. Almost instantly surrenders the castle to Daemon. After car access burns down one of the towers Daemon will also take possession of the wealth as well as take valuable hostages, among which will be Simon himself and his grandchildren. This event logically will have to devote the first or second episodes of the next season.

Death of the Little Prince

Death of the Little Prince

The next important event in the plot will be an act of Revenge for Lucerice. In the books, Daemon made a clear promise to Rhaenyra that he would take revenge on the greens directly from Harrenhal. He will turn for help to Mysaria the white worm in the series. It’s true that they didn’t explain to us until the end whether she survived the fire set by lorries.

One way or another Daemon will hire two individuals named blood and cheese. Tthey would break into the Tower of the hand and capture Helena Targaryen and her children as a result.

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The Mercenaries will be head the eldest son of King Aegon II named J Harry’s blood and cheese will then escape. The red castle with a boy’s head. After that Queen Helena will lose her mind, the decapitation of Little J Harry will definitely be in the first three episodes of the second season

The Black Alliance

The Black Alliance

The Alliance with house Blackwood Daemon will see several key points in the Riverlands. Which will send a signal to the rest of the local Lords who will swear allegiance to Rhaenyra. Also, in the books J Kerry’s Velaryon will return on a mission around this time. He will be able to make important political alliances with the Aaron and the Starks.

New Hand of the King

New Hand of the King

At the same time, a riot is brewing in King’s Landing for Corlys plan to blockade the trade routes. This would really work and every morning the mob Traders would complain to King Aegon. King will be furious at the slowness of the hand. Auto Hightower who will be busy making alliances at the beginning of the war.

The young king will not be very pleased that on his hand nothing is being done about the trade blockade. Therefore, he will remove his grandfather from the post of hand choosing Kristen Cole instead. Most likely this event will become the boundary of the whole season of House of the Dragon because further on a significant number of Victories from the greens.

The Battle of Dragons

The Battle of Dragons

The first step of the greens will be revenge on all. The Lords who supported Rhaenyra will make a list of all the Lords who were on Dragonstone. At the coronation their possessions will be attacked by the greens. The King’s Army will take Duskendale the large Port Town ruled by the Darklands.

The town will be sacked ships will be burned and the Lord himself will be beheaded. Next Sarah Kristen will send the troops to a place called rook’s rest where greens will kill. The peasants burn the clearing to help her allies Rhaenyra will immediately send princess Rhaenys to Mysaria.

However, greens having predicted such a move. It will begin to attack Rhaenys and her dragon with crossbowmen hidden in the bushes in advance. Mysaria will receive serious wounds and in a frenzy. She will begin to burn the soldiers putting them to run but soon King Aegon will appear in the sky.

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Above the field riding Sunfire and his brother Aemond between three dragons. A real Massacre will begin. As a result of which Rhaenys and Mysaria will die and dream Fire Dragon of the king will lose the ability to fly.

Aegon himself will receive horrible Burns for the rest of the year. He won’t be able to get out of bed rule will temporarily pass to Aemond. Aemond will become Prince Regent meanwhile the loss of Rhaenys will be a heavy blow for blacks and Corlys Velaryon. They will become Furious and blame Rhaenys for everything.

The battle at the rook’s rest will take place closer to the season finale. Since a more violent ending Cannot Be Imagined.

Next Dragonriders

Next Dragonriders

Well even in the next season Daemon and Rhaenyra decide to use free Dragons without writers. In the series, Daemon raised this idea and began to implement it. But in the book, the initiator of the mounting of new dragons was Jacaerys and Corlys Velaryon.

They announced there that they were looking for Dragon Riders from Among the Offspring with Valyrian blood.

House of the Dragon Season 2 Release Date

Some unofficial channel says the release of House of the Dragon Season 2 would be in 2024 but the release date for the second season of “House of the Dragon” has not been officially announced yet. The show is currently in production, and it may take several months or more before a release date is confirmed.


House of the Dragon is based on the Fire and Blood novel which is arranged like a Targaryen Chronicle and certainly. Some of the actions may occur in a different order. In the original story dialogues between characters are rarely mentioned.

HBO can quite change entire storylines here making them a little more bloated or simply different. However, most of the things mentioned above will still be included in the second season. Which you now definitely know a little more about thank you for reading.

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