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A strange accident that killed an airport worker in Alabama stops flights

A strange accident that killed an airport worker in Alabama stops flights. Authorities haven’t said who the person was who died, but Reuters said it happened on the ramp at Montgomery Regional Airport in Alabama.

Sources say that the accident happened around 3 p.m. on Saturday when American Airlines Flight 3408 was parked at the gate.

Since then, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board have started looking into what happened. They will give their first report on Monday about what happened.

Those who knew about the investigation said that the plane’s engine was running.

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After what happened, the airport was closed for a while. It reopened around 9 p.m. on Saturday.

Reuters says that the flight from Dallas, Texas, to Montgomery, was run by Envoy Air, which is a part of American Airlines Group (AAL.O).

“Today around 3 pm an American Airlines ground crew piedmont employee was involved in a fatality, no additional information is available at this time,” read a statement by the airport given to Reuters. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased.”

In a statement to the news service, American Airlines said that they are “focused on making sure that everyone involved has the help they need during this difficult time.” They declined to say anything else about the ongoing investigation.

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