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Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University Review 2023: Finance & Business, Crypto, E-Commerce

Welcome to our 2023 review of Hustler’s University.

Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University Review 2023: You may have heard of Andrew Tate, the controversial social media influencer who is famous for competing as a professional kickboxer, starring in season 17 of Big Brother, getting banned from most social media platforms, and being arrested by Romanian authorities (twice!).

Of course, Andrew Tate is also famous for promoting his new online membership website Hustler’s University.

Questions about this program that are most important, such:

  • Is Hustler’s University like a pyramid scheme?
  • How does Andrew make the most money online?
  • If I don’t have any money, can I still join this program?

Plus a lot more!

Who Is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate is a British-American businessman, life coach, and social media star who is known for saying and writing things that make people upset. He is well-known for making rude and often offensive comments about many different things. But his claims have been called into question more than once for being wrong or not true.

Andrew Tate is a 4x kickboxing world champion, a self-made entrepreneur worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and one of the biggest social media influencers in the world today. He is also known as “the most googled man in the world.”

What Is Andrew Tate’s, Life Story?

Andrew Tate is not publicly known about his early life and upbringing. He rose to prominence in the 2010s as a life coach and motivational speaker, offering advice and insights on topics such as personal development and success. He has also been active on various social media platforms, where he is known for his controversial statements and opinions on a wide range of subjects. Despite his controversial reputation, he has amassed a significant following on social media and continues to be a polarizing figure in the public eye.

The truth is he comes from a very poor family in the United States / England. Here is his story so far:

  • Raised in the US and England
  • Former kickboxing world champion
  • Kicked off “Big Brother UK” in 2016
  • Recently moved to Dubai, UAE
  • Has a net worth of $700+ million dollars
  • Became “the most googled man in the world” 
  • Banned from social media in August 2022
  • Arrested by Romanian police in December 2022

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As you can see, Andrew Tate lives an extremely eclectic life. He was born poor, and now he is worth well over $500 million dollars. 

“I realized yesterday that I can actually, genuinely, right now nothing is stopping me from becoming Batman. Nothing.

I have a bat cave. I have an Alfred. I have a Batmobile, a Bugatti. I can fight.”

Andrew Tate believes he has everything a man can ask for: he’s a world-class athlete, he has plenty of money and women, and he travels the world in a private jet.

He says if you want the kind of life that he has, then you need to start listening to him – particularly about how to make money in the modern world we live in.

Where Is Andrew Tate Now?

Former kickboxer and reality TV star Andrew Tate has been arrested. He has been arrested for commenting on feminism and giving hate speech on social media platforms for a long time.

Before going to jail Most of Andrew Tate’s time was spent running his huge business empire.

He runs more than just Hustler’s University. He says that almost 100 people work for him, but we don’t know how true that is.

“You are competing against people like me. You are competing against people like the people in my network.

You’re competing against people who only talk about money, who know money very well.”

Andrew says that the modern economy is “player against player,” and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll get wiped out.

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He says that most people in the modern world don’t know how to actually make money. Hustler’s University is how he plans to solve that problem.

What Is Hustler’s University?

Andrew Tate's Hustler’s University Web page
Hustler’s University Website

Andrew Tate’s Hustler’s University is an online school where he teaches people how to make money online using 18 new ways to make money.

Tate says that the old ways of making money don’t work anymore.

  • Go to school
  • Go to college
  • Take out student loans
  • Graduate from college
  • Get a “good stable job”
  • Pay your taxes
  • Get a mortgage
  • Pay your property taxes
  • Finish paying off your mortgage

Andrew Tate says that this is old advice that doesn’t work in the modern world. If you want to get rich in the modern world, you need to know how to make money in the modern world. This is where his new plan comes in.

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Hustler’s University teaches 6 specific ways of making money online:

  • Copywriting
  • Freelancing
  • AmazonFBA
  • E-Commerce
  • Stocks
  • Crypto

Andrew Tate found experts in each of these fields to teach the course. He says that each of these experts makes more than $1 million a year using the same methods.

Hustler’s University was made for people who want to get rich as quickly as possible with an online business.

Who is Hustler’s University for?

People who want to make money online are told that Hustler’s University is the best way to do it. If you can pay $49 per month, you can join.

Andrew Tate even lets women into Hustler’s University, as long as they don’t say they are women while they are there.

Tate wants you in the program if you are a winner and ready to start getting paid. Andrew Tate does NOT want you in his program if you are a loser or only want to “follow your passion” and do things you enjoy.

Should You Join Hustler’s University?

According to Andrew Tate, you will forever stay a:

  • Brokie
  • Peon
  • Peasant
  • Loser
  • Slave
  • Nobody
  • Disgrace to your entire bloodline

…if you do not join his program.

“Everything you’ve ever built has been a monumental failure. You will never achieve anything without me. That’s why you need Hustler’s University!”

Of course, this is more of Andrew Tate’s over-the-top marketing…

In reality, if you can afford the $49 dollars per month membership fee, and are serious about making money online, then you are a good candidate for this program.

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Affiliate Program For Hustler’s University?

Hustler’s University used to have an affiliate program. However, that is NOT true anymore.

Andrew says he may restart the affiliate program again in the future. However, for now, it has disappeared.

Hustler’s University FAQ

Let’s take a closer look at each of these questions.

Is Hustler’s University a real school?

Hustler’s University is real, that’s for sure.
Andrew Tate’s professors teach real ways to make money with copywriting, freelancing, AmazonFBA, e-commerce, stock trading, and crypto trading.
It’s not a magic program, and you still have to do the work (just like with any other business). And remember that most people are NOT made to run their own businesses.
If this sounds like you, have fun being a worker and being poor.

How do I become a part of Hustler’s University?

If you want to join Hustler’s University, all you have to do is click right here.

How much does it cost to go to Hustler’s University?

It costs $149 to join Hustler’s University and $49 a month to stay a member.

Does Hustler’s University Have Value?

If you want to make money online and have an extra $49, Hustler’s University is worth it. As a blogger who makes $6,000 a month, I found the Copywriter Campus to be very useful.

How do I stop Hustler’s University from working?

There are no long-term contracts with Hustler’s University, so it’s easy to quit.

But be careful: if you cancel your membership, you’ll never be able to join again.

Is there a coupon code for Hustler’s University?

No, there is no discount code for Hustler’s University.

Does Hustler’s University promise to give you your money back?

Hustler’s University does NOT have a money-back guarantee.

Andrew Tate promises that if you do what he tells you to do, you will make more money than you put in. But there is no way to get your money back.

Where can you find Hustler’s University?

Hustler’s University is a business that you can only do online. It is not in one central place.

Andrew Tate says that the website hosting for Hustler’s University is in the middle of the mountains in a foreign country.

How many people go to Hustler’s University?

As of 2023, more than 200,000 people are part of Hustler’s University.

Is there a partner program for Hustler’s University?

Hustler’s University used to have an affiliate program, but it is being phased out for now.

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