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Porco Galliard, The Jaw Titan Death? Who is he? Everything you need to know about AoT

Many names will come to mind when you think about the bravest characters in Attack on Titan. Does Porco Galliard count?

I think the name “Porco Galliard” is a great one. The way Reiner said the name made it sound like it was in charge. I don’t know if I’m crazy or not, but it seems like it could be true. I’m still a little bit happy.

Even though the “devils of Paradis” scared him, Porco is still one of the bravest in the series. In this post, I’ll show you why I feel that way.

Jaw Titan History

In the anime and manga series Attack on Titan, the Jaw Titan is one of the Nine Titans. It is a strong and dangerous titan that can change into a huge, human-like creature with sharp teeth and strong jaws. The Jaw Titan is known for being able to grow back lost limbs, which makes it a very dangerous enemy. It can also take on the abilities of other titans, which makes it an even bigger threat.

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Porco Galliard, a Marleyan warrior, is in charge of the Jaw Titan. He uses it to fight against the Paradis military. Even though it has powerful abilities, the Jaw Titan is killed by Survey Corps member Pieck Finger, who kills Porco and takes control of the titan.

Who is Porco Galliard?

Porco was Marcel Galliard’s younger brother. He was a warrior from the country of Marley. Most of the time, he was rude to Reiner, but he was nice to his other team members, such as Colt, Pieck, Bertholdt, Annie, etc.

He was supposed to get the Armored Titan, but his older brother got it instead. Later, Porco got the Jaw Titan because he ate Ymir, who offered to give her titan powers back to Marley if he ate her.

Porco was a very skilled fighter. He was a good fighter, but his emotions always got the best of him in battle. This is why he lost the fight against Eren and the Survey Corps in the last season.

Porco gave his life in the War for Paradis in Shiganshina to save Reiner and Falco. We can say with confidence that he died the most honorable death.

The death of Porco Galliard, the Jaw Titan

Porco Galliard Death

Porco Galliard was a skilled warrior and a member of the Beast Titan’s group in the anime and manga series Attack on Titan. He was a very important part of the war between Marley and Paradis, and he was known for being a brutal fighter. But in the end, Porco died in the war, even though he was strong and good at fighting.

During the battle between the Paradis military and the Marleyan forces, Pieck Finger, a member of the Survey Corps, killed Porco by using her Cart Titan ability to change into a Porco-like form. Pieck was able to sneak up on Porco from behind and attack him. She used the powerful jaws of her titan form to bite Porco’s neck and kill him.

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Porco’s death was a big deal in the series because it meant the Beast Titan’s reign of terror was over and a new time of peace had begun. It also showed how strong and determined the Paradis military was since they won even though they were outnumbered and had less powerful weapons.

Even though Porco was mean and cruel, many of his fellow Marleyans were saddened by his death. They had come to admire his strength and loyalty. Even his enemies, like the Survey Corps, were saddened by how his life ended. They knew that his bravery and determination had made him one of the most feared warriors in the series.

Porco Galliard, the Fallen Hero

Whether you like him or hate him, you can’t deny that Porco Galliard died as a hero, just like Eren can’t. He fought, and then he also saved his friends.

Even though he was only in the show for a short time, it made a big difference. Even his death makes him an interesting person. Porco is probably my fifth favorite character from Attack on Titan.

When I first met him, I didn’t think much of him, but as the fight against the Scouts went on, I came to like him. After his other soldiers were killed, he was the only one left to fight against the people of Paradis.

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