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Facebook Shutting Down its Gaming App in October, Meta is in Huge Loss?

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Meta is in Huge Loss? Meta is discontinuing its Facebook Gaming app for Android and iOS devices starting on October 28, 2022, Meta is reducing yet another of its initiatives.

Facebook Gaming users received the information today via a direct message from the Facebook Gaming team informing them that, effective on this date, Facebook Gaming would only be available in the Gaming tab of the main Facebook app and on the website.

There isn’t really a reason to fear just yet whether you’re a loyal supporter of a Facebook Gaming Livestream or a content creator yourself. However, this serves as a helpful reminder to consider looking at the potential on other platforms in addition to your Facebook Gaming project in case the service is discontinued altogether.

Is Facebook Gaming destined to Fail?

This is far from the only Facebook Gaming app cancellation we’ve seen this year. Facebook Podcasts, Facebook Live Shopping, Meta’s Novi digital wallet, and its rumored Apple Watch competitor have all been shut down. These actions are a part of Meta’s ongoing attempts to boost its bottom line by eliminating business operations that it doesn’t consider to be profitable.

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Facebook Gaming destined to Fail

With simply its app being removed, Facebook Gaming has now gotten off quite lightly. Could this mean further budget cuts? Without a doubt, it’s conceivable, but it’s far from a given.

Although Meta’s answer to Twitch and YouTube streaming may not be as well-known as its competitors, the site has so far managed to draw almost 1.4 billion views. Yes, that lags behind Twitch’s and YouTube’s respective 11.8 billion and 2.3 billion views, but the platform is still far from being doomed.

It appears more likely that Meta is simply streamlining its offerings. Why would anyone download the less feature-rich app if the main Facebook app offers what Facebook Gaming does and more? And why should Meta keep wasting money on creating it if it’s not popular?

YouTube made a similar move with its Gaming app in 2019 and its live broadcasting and gaming services are still operational today.

As of right now, it appears that Facebook Gaming won’t be brought back on the chopping block for a time. However, we’ll have to wait and see what Meta cancels next.

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