Apple Finished Testing the iPhone 14’s Satellite Communication Feature, Before Going into Mass Production

Satellite in the Earth orbit and iPhone in front of that

Apple Finished Testing the iPhone 14’s Satellite Communication Feature. At its ‘Far out’ event on September 7, Apple is expected to reveal its iPhone 14 series. Previous to the upcoming event, there have been a number of leaks and tips regarding the rumored smartphone series. Recently, a well-known analyst provided results from a survey, which seem to indicate that Apple had already completed the hardware testing of the iPhone 14’s satellite communication feature before it went into mass production. The expert, however, thinks that in order to include the feature on its upcoming smartphones, Apple will need to arrange a contract with satellite providers.

A fresh survey has been updated, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst with TF International Securities, who posted on Medium. Before the rumored iPhone 14 went into mass production, Apple, in Kuo’s assessment, had completed testing the hardware for satellite communication capability. Its availability on the phone is still in doubt, though, as Apple will need to reach an agreement with the satellite providers.

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Apple developed satellite communication technology for the iPhone 13, according to Kuo, but it wasn’t integrated because the company couldn’t agree on a business plan with satellite operators. Therefore, the analyst thinks that if the two can come to an agreement on a partnership to provide the capability will determine whether satellite communication services are available on iPhone 14.

The analyst went on to say that it’s likely that the iPhone 14’s satellite connection function will only provide call and text services for emergencies. Additionally, Kuo stated that satellite communication would soon be a must for smartphones. The expert thinks that Apple’s iPhones will ultimately have satellite functionality, even though he can’t say with certainty if and when the iPhone models will get the feature.

Kuo further said that it is likely that Apple and Globalstar are partners in the satellite industry. According to the expert, operators like Globalstar have the most entry barriers in the ecosystem of satellite communications.

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